"Give them food yourselves," said Jesus     Trustee Winston Gray examines some of the supplies in Shiloh Old Site's food pantry. The pantry is one of the many ways in which our Home Missions Committee seeks to meet the needs of individuals and families in both the congregation and community.


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Quick info

Wednesday morning emergency assistance

Except for a few summer and holiday periods, someone from the Home Missions Committee is usually available each Wednesday morning at Shiloh Old Site from 9 a.m. to 12 noon to discuss requests from members of the community or congregation. Please enter through the glass door on Sophia Street.


Assistance is provided primarily in the way of food from our food pantry; help with obtaining needed prescriptions; limited help with paying rents, mortgages, or utilities; assistance with filling out and submitting various kinds of applications; and referrals to other helping agencies.

How to make phone contact with our Home Missions ministry

Someone from our Home Missions ministry is usually available to accept phone calls from 9 a.m. to 12 noon each Wednesday. The direct line is 540.656.2395.

Note that this number is NOT answered at other times.


Members of the Home Missions ministry

Grace Sprow, co-chair

Robbin Edwards, co-chair

Eleanor Braxton

Iretha Bumbrey

Maynard Clipper

Edith Clipper

Janice Davies, advisor

Jean Dixon-Cox, adjutant advisor

Robert Colter

Janet Clark

Wilma Conyers

Johnthan Evans

Winston Gray

Tinka Harris

Blanche Jefferson

Valerie Lewis

Margaret Trower

Bruce Webb

Dorothy White

Odessa Williams

Jane Hargraves

Emeritus members

Doris Darden

Weldon Bailey

Friends of Home Missions

Russell Bundy

Joe Brown

Sharon Carnette

Jamesa Matthews

Oliver Saunders

Janeen Spruill

Our Home Missions ministry


A ministry motivated by biblical teachings

The ministry of Shiloh Old Site's Home Missions Committee is based on words found in Matthew 25:40, where it says, "Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these, my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

 The Home Mission Committee is unique in that it is not limited to being a spiritually caring ministry. Rather, it also seeks to be aware of--and intent on addressing--many basic and emergency needs. It strives to maintain or achieve an acceptable quality of life for members of the congregation and local community.


Diverse projects and activities

The Home Missions Committee is involved with many different projects and activities.

Among them are the following:

A greeting card ministry, community outreach, a ministry to those who are sick or shut-in, Senior Citizens Day at Shiloh Old Site (3rd Sunday in May), an annual spring project in which “goody baskets” are brought to seniors and shut-ins, the annual "School Dressing Days" (in cooperation with the Interfaith Council), a Christmas card mail box for intra-church card exchanges, small home repairs for those in need of such repairs, grass cutting for those who aren't able to do it for themselves, limited snow removal for those in need of this service, Christmas gifts and food to provide some holiday cheer for numerous families in the greater Fredericksburg area, a loan closet for banquet cloths, a limited project providing Thanksgiving baskets to selected individuals, limited emergency financial assistance (for food, prescriptions, mortgages, rents, and utilities), referral service for special needs, and aid in filing out and submitting applications.

The Home Mission Committee serves as the congregational sponsor for two one-on-one local ministries: "Bridges" and "Dolphins." The Home Missions Committee also provides supplemental support to various local efforts, including the American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life" and the Fredericksburg Area Sickle Cell Association.


Blessed by the generosity of our many members and friends

The Home Mission Committee's operating funds come primarily from a special offering taken at the 11 a.m. worship service at Shiloh Old Site on almost every Sunday of the year. The committee also receives generous direct donations from members of the church, their families, persons in the community, and others who believe in and are supportive of the committee's mission.


Strong leadership with a compassionate vision

The Home Mission Committee was established by the Rev. Lawrence A. Davies in 1963, shortly after he came to Shiloh Old Site as pastor. The committee became the third arm of  a three-pronged mission ministry, which now consists of the Lottie T. Young State Mission Ministry, the Norma L. Burruss Foreign Mission Ministry, and the Home Missions Committee.

Because of the confidentiality that is required, the committee is limited to sixteen active and devoted members. The full group meets as a body twice a year and schedules small committee meetings as needed. On many issues, the members use a "phone tree" for making decisions, especially regarding any needs that go beyond the committee's normal guidelines.

Co-chairs are Robbin Edwards (540.891.2841) and Grace Sprow (540.373.4656). Janice Davies serves as the committee's advisor.

50 years of ministry in Jesus' name