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Introducing some of those who minister among us


Pastor Aaron L. Dobynes, Sr.

The Rev. Aaron L. Dobynes, Sr., begins his ministry with us on June 1, 2014. For information about him, click here.




Pastor emeritus Lawrence A. Davies

The Rev. Lawrence A. Davies served as pastor of this congregation from 1962 to 2012. During those fifty years, he blessed us with an abundance of courage, vision, and grace. He has retired from active pastoring, but he remains a  valued member of the congregation. He also continues ministering through many community involvements. The Rev. Davies is available to speak at special events, funerals, and other occasions. His spiritual wisdom provides valuable counsel to many.


The Rev. Luerene Perkins, our senior female associate

The Rev. Luerene Perkins, who has served as a pastoral associate at several other churches, moved to the Fredericksburg area a number of years ago and joyfully joined us at Shiloh Old Site. Her upbeat spirit and prayerful attitude is much appreciate by many in the congregation. She is on hand most Sundays at either the 8 a.m. or 11 a.m. service, available to preach, preside, read scripture, or lead the congregation in prayer.


The Rev. Marilyn Smith, our most recently ordained pastoral associate

The Rev. Marilyn Smith is the most recently ordained of our pastoral associates. A person of deep compassion and strong faith, she served as the mother of four children of her own as well as the foster mother of fourteen others. She regularly helps to provide a caring spiritual presence at three area health-care facilities: Woodmont, Wilburn, and Carriage Hill. On Sundays at Shiloh Old Site, she assists by reading scripture, offering a prayer, delivering a message, or whatever is needed.


The Rev. Felecia Cook, our community outreach specialist

The Rev. Felecia Cook began her training in ministry right here at Shiloh Old Site, working especially with women and youth. For a time she ministered with another congregation, then returned to Shiloh Old Site in late 2012. In her ongoing professional life, she has worked with a variety of community outreach and service efforts, often with high-need populations. That work has given her a strong heart for others, and she serves with us on Sundays as she is able.

Minister Julia Rogers, who recently came to us from Philadelphia

Minister Julia Rogers joined Shiloh Old Site in the spring of 2014. She came to us from the Philadelphia area and is just beginning her ministry among us. A photo and further details about her will be available here in the future.


Minister Julian Ferguson, our impassioned learner

During the week, Minister Julian Ferguson has paid employment elsewhere, but he is an impassioned student who is often busy taking classes and engaging in fervent personal study in an effort to prepare himself for the kind of preaching and teaching ministry that he envisions for himself. You will often find Minister Ferguson present on Sunday mornings, supporting the congregation's worship and sharing in platform responsibilities as appropriate.

For information on our other ministers, contact our church secretary at 540.373.8701